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Are you thinking about moving to Spain or buying property here? Do you have legal matters to resolve, such as setting up a company, seeking tax advice, writing a Spanish will, completing an inheritance or selling property? Navigating legal issues in a foreign country and language can be complicated. Resolving legal problems between your country and Spain can be even more challenging.

FS Notarios is a notary located in Alicante (Spain) with experienced English-speaking professionals ready to help you with any legal matter, in a language you understand.

We recognize your expectations of your Spanish legal advisors. With our international knowledge and legal experience, we offer the advice, security and service you need.

Your Gateway To Hassle-Free Notarial Services In Spain

Make A Spanish Will

We recommend that if you own assets in Spain, you should have a Spanish will in addition to the will you may have in your own country.

Get Spanish Residency

If you live in Spain for more than three months of the year then you need to become a Spanish resident.

How To Obtain An NIE

An NIE number is a document you will require in order to pay taxes in Spain upon the purchase of a property, open a bank account or incorporate a company.

Comprehensive Services For All Your Legal Needs In Spain.

Specialists in International Law

Don Rafael Ferrer Molina and Doña María de los Reyes Sánchez Moreno are specialists in International Law and we can advise you with complete reports before purchasing a property. You can order any type of legal or accounting report from us before making an investment in Spain. We are notaries in Spain and we have the knowledge to advise you in accordance with the current legislation.

Products And Reports That Meet Your Needs in Spain

Reports certified by a notary.

Real estate reports.

Accounting reports.


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Legal Advice In Spain For Foreigners

If you need detailed information about procedures and procedures that require the intervention of a Notary in Spain, you can do so through this form:

Notarial services in Spain

Through our notary office you can carry out the following procedures:

  • Wills and InheritancesSales and Mortgages
  • Policies
  • Commercial and Companies
  • Powers of attorney
  • Testimonies and Legitimations
  • Minutes
  • Nationality oath
  • Marriages before a notary
  • Donations
  • Society Constitution
  • Home mortgage loans

what we offer

Notary reports for procedures in Spain

We offer legal advice services to carry out a notarial procedure in Spain with total security and guarantees. We are notaries in Spain, specialized in international law and we are here to help you in your notary procedures in Spain.

Power of Attorney, Wills, Estates & Inheritance, Divorce, Litigation, Employment, International Family Law, Personal Injury, Road Traffic Accidents, Tax Advice, Legal Document Translations …

Personal Legal Services

Buying or selling a Spanish Property, Segregations, Certificates of Law & Expert Reports, Property Ownership Options, Updating Property Deeds, Unregistered Land, Landlord & Rental Agreements…

Spanish Property Services

Buying or leasing a Company or Commercial Property, Employment Law, Incorporating a Spanish Company, Patents & Trademarks, Sports Law, Hotels, Resorts & Leisure Businesses…

Business Legal Services

Reports certified by a notary for purchases and procedures in Spain.Reports certified by a notary for purchases and procedures in Spain.

Find a Notary | My Lawyer in Spain

Spain: notarial and documentary services

In many cases Spanish notaries or English speaking lawyers in Spain can provide services more cheaply, quickly and conveniently.

Get personalized notarial reports designed for your better tomorrow

  • Safely Purchasing a House in Spain

  • Documents to sell a property in Spain

  • Formation of a company in Spain

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The Role of the Public Notary in Spain

Notary in Alicante (Spain)

In Spain, public notaries hold a significant position within the legal and administrative framework. They are crucial in verifying the legality, authenticity, and integrity of various documents and transactions. Their work is vital for upholding legal certainty and protecting the interests of both individuals and businesses.

Knowledge of foreign law

Real estate, accounting and legal reports

At FS Notarios Spain we strive to provide you with the most current, relevant and quality Spanish legal advice.

Business Legal Services In Spain
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Settlement of corresponding taxes

Processing of documents after signature.

After signing many deeds, it is necessary to pay the corresponding tax. It is also usually necessary or convenient to register it in some Registry, normally the Property or Commercial Registry. The notary’s office can take care of this. Although the notary fee is established by law, the management costs will be adapted to the difficulty of your case and what is appropriate to do. Find out in advance about the services we can provide you and their cost.

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