Looking for how to make A Spanish Will? If you die without a valid will, your money and possessions may not go to the people you would like them to. At our notary in Spain we can help you with your Spanish will. Continue reading and we will explain everything you need to know to avoid problems with your will in Spain.

How to make a Spanish Will

If you have money and possessions in more than one country, or you have a will but have since changed your country of residency, you need to be sure that your wishes are completely covered.

In our notary office in Alicante (Spain) our officers and notaries will be able to make your will valid for Spain with total guarantees:

  • Check the status of any will you currently have
  • Explain the rules about inheritance that apply to your personal situation (whether you are resident in Spain, the UK or elsewhere)
  • Help you make a new will (either in addition to your current will, or to replace it) that is valid in Spain and if needed, internationally

What do I need to make a spanish will?

To make a will in Spain you must be over 14 years old, have your wishes in writing and it must be signed and certified before a ‘notary’. It will then be registered at the central registry in Madrid, known as Registro General de Actos de Última Voluntad’ (Central Registry of Wills).

To grant a will in Spain you only need:

  • DNI, passport, residence card or NIE.
  • The will to want to grant it.
  • Data of the people who will receive assets in the inheritance.

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