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Anyone who comes to Spain, whether to buy property, make a will, inheritance or manage any notarial procedure, will need legal advice.

Looking for how to buy a property in Spain? Our personal legal services in Spain will help you make the right decisions in legal matters. Anyone coming to Spain to buy property or manage a procedure will need a legal expert to help them. When that time comes, you’ll want to be sure you’re working with real experts who can help you quickly and efficiently. Our team includes experienced English-speaking law graduates and notaries specialized in various areas of law. Whether you are involved in a dispute, writing a will, going through a divorce or recovering from an accident, we provide expert advice and guidance. With an office on the Spanish coast, you will find trained and knowledgeable experts in your area ready to help you achieve a positive outcome.

Legal Services in Spain

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Business Legal Services In Spain

It is important that the notary knows the language of the parties.

Experience in international law

It is important that the notary knows the language of the parties. Furthermore, in this way, you have a better understanding of how the application of foreign law can affect inheritance taxes and other taxes payable in Spain.

  • Thus, the notary can communicate with notaries and advisors from other countries to expedite the processing of an inheritance in Spain.
  • This way he can advise the heirs in the best way.
  • This way the notary can accept documents in the foreign language, which saves time and money.

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