Begin your step to obtaining Spain residency? If you need help applying for obtaining Spain residency, at fsnotarios we are a specialized notary where we can help you with your process. We offer a reliable, professional English speaking service to help you easily gain your residency. The rules and procedures differ if you are an EU citizen or not. EU citizens subject to meeting the relevant criteria can apply for residency in Spain and will be issued with the green residency card.

Why do I need Spanish Residency?

Residency is the permission that States grant to foreigners to remain in their territories, temporarily or permanently, prior to meeting certain requirements. Now, unlike citizenship, residence permits do not give access to civil and political rights, although in the case of permanent residence, you do have access to work and social security.

In turn, the residence permit in Spain varies according to each case, so it is necessary to know each case to comply with the corresponding requirements.

What is the Spanish Residency Application form?

Residency procedures are complex. Therefore, there is nothing better than having the proper legal advice in Spain that allows you to know the best ways to have your application for residence in Spain approved.

Ways to acquire residency in Spain

Non-EU foreign citizens can acquire Spanish residence through various means. In this sense, the form that best suits your reality must be chosen, so that it can meet the essential requirements for approval by the corresponding authority. It is worth noting that each route will have its own particular requirements, so specialized advice will be of great help to determine which is the most convenient.

Thus we find that the legislation allows obtaining residency in the following cases:

  • Residence by marriage

  • Residence on your own

  • Self-employed residence

  • Residence by residence

  • Residence without employment contract

  • Residence by de facto couple

Spanish residency requirements

These requirements are referred to those people outside the Schengen area of ​​the European Union (EU), since citizens of this Union have their own requirements regarding residence in Spain. As a consequence, this information refers to foreign citizens, not belonging to the EU.

Likewise, each type of residence has its own requirements, so it is necessary to evaluate each assumption.

Do not hesitate to contact us, as our team of professionals will analyze your particular case and find the best recommendation for your situation.

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